If you have electrical wires and plan to insulate them, heat shrink tubing is a great material for this application. You can use it like a pro too just by following these protocols. 

Try to Achieve a Tight Fit

In order to make the most out of heat shrink tubing, you need to make sure it's able to create a tight fit around electrical wires after it has been heated with a portable gun. Then the tubing will remain in place and thus provide insulation to wires for the foreseeable future.

You just need to take your time to see what size of tubing is appropriate. You can do this by measuring the diameter of the wires that you plan to insulate. Find a way to measure this aspect and then you can determine what heat shrink tubing size will fit over the wires and heat to a tight fit.

Wear Heat-Resistant Gloves 

In order to get heat shrink tubing down in diameter to where it fits snugly around electrical wires for insulation purposes, you'll need to use a heat gun. Since it will get pretty hot, you want to make sure you protect your hands.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to wear a pair of heat-resistant gloves. Then, even if your hands are really close to the heat gun while you shrink tubes down, your hands will remain protected. This will allow you to work more confidently too, which can approve the results you have with shrinking tubes down in diameter.

Buy Quality Tubing From the Right Supplier

The results you're able to have with heat shrink tubing will depend a lot on the variety you get and who you buy from. As such, take your time to find an optimal supplier that has a lot of tubing varieties for you to choose from.

You may want to order a couple of samples too from them so that you can see how different options take to heating. Then you'll know what variety will work best for your electrical applications, which prevents you from having remorse about this investment.

If you plan to use heat shrink tubing to insulate electrical wires, then you need to know how to work with this tubing before you begin. You can fortunately learn a lot by going through guides and consulting with experts who've worked with these materials before. Once you understand the right things, using this tubing won't be a challenge at all. 

Contact a local heat shrink tube supplier to learn more.