Stick welding, also called shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), is a very basic form of welding that produces very strong results when done properly. It is a highly portable form of welding that requires a lot of skill. Sometimes other forms of welding are more appropriate for a project, but stick welding is what you want in a number of situations. It has to be done carefully no matter where or when it's done, but when the work is finished, you'll have a very strong weld. 

When You Don't Have Much Room Around the Spot to Be Welded

Stick welding is best for when you don't have a lot of room to do the welding. In stick welding, you have a rod that you place near the spot to be welded, allowing you to work in a narrow area and reach spots that are not that easy to access. You don't need big equipment; you just need enough room to reach in and see what you're welding. Stick welding does produce gases, and there needs to be enough ventilation to let those gases escape.

When the Welding Takes Place Outdoors

Stick welding can be done indoors (with good ventilation) or outdoors. In fact, it's much better for outdoor welding than other types because the welding arc is not affected that much by wind. Other forms of welding create gases around the weld that are easily blown away, ruining the work, but stick welding does not have that issue. Any gases produced that blow away, when doing stick welding, are gases you want to ventilate.

When Welding Several Types of Metals

If you're welding several types of metal, either to each other or just in general in a huge, varied job, stick welding is great. It can be used with several different types of metal, so you don't have to stop and figure out what type of welding you might have to use with this or that section. It's a versatile method, and while you still have to stop to change the rod that you use to create the weld, you save time by not having to wonder if you should use a different welding method.

Stick welding does require a lot of skill, so it's not something you can do yourself unless you've been specifically trained to do it. Contact a welding services company to get time and pricing estimates.