You count on your building's heating system to function properly. You rely on it to provide your building with a safe and efficient source of warmth during the winter. You also need it to heat the water in your building. 

To ensure the proper function of your furnace and heaters, you need to have these fixtures serviced regularly. These tasks are some to outsource to a licensed and experienced commercial heating contractor.

Checking and Replacing Small Components

Small components like belts and pulleys are critical to the function of your heating system. They power the motor in your heater's blower and help generate heat in the furnace that your heating system uses to keep your building warm.

When these parts wear out, your heater cannot function properly. To prevent your heater from blowing out cold air or not working at all, you need to have these small components checked and replaced often. Your commercial heating contractor can inspect these parts for proper function and then replace them if they are cracked, broken or worn out.

Cleaning Drain Pans and Lines

The drain pans and lines in your heater also need to be cleaned and serviced often. They must be clear of debris and fluid that can cause your heater to flood or overheat. However, reaching in to clean them yourself can be dangerous. Rather than risk injury to yourself, you can hire a commercial heating contractor to empty the drain pans and clean out and inspect the heater lines for you.

Lighting the Pilot

When you turn off the pilot light and shut off the gas in your heater for the summer, you need both turned back on before you can use your furnace. Your commercial heating contractor can turn on the gas and make sure the flue is cleared and free from debris. He or she can also light the pilot and make sure that it burns blue rather than red or orange. Red or orange flames indicate that there is a gas leak somewhere in your heating system.

Your commercial heating contractor can take care of critical tasks that are necessary for keeping your furnace and heating system working properly. You can have small components inspected and replaced. You can also have parts like the drain pan and lines cleaned out. Your heating contractor can likewise turn the gas back on and light the pilot light for you.

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