Hex head bolts are a very popular fastener used in heavy-duty applications because of their durability and ability to bear a lot of force. They're also readily available and you can successfully purchase them by considering these things.

Thread Design

How hex head bolts are threaded is something to think about early on as it ensures you make the right selection. You can get these bolts threaded partially or fully, depending on what materials you're trying to fasten.

Think about how you're using hex head bolts. Do they need to screw in until their heads are touching the surface they're being put into or will a partial thread suffice for adequate fastening?

If you're on the fence, order an individual unit of both thread designs. You can then test them out for real and see what is the best choice moving forward. 

Buyer Protection

Hex head bolts may be an important aspect of a project, and as such, you want adequate security in this investment. There are fortunately suppliers out there that include buyer protection with every bolt sold. 

If you're not satisfied with the bolt quality or the bolts don't quite fit like you want them to, buyer protection means you can either get money back or another set without additional costs. 

Sometimes this buyer protection is included by the supplier for free, or it will run you additional fees. Just confirm you have it before checking out so that whatever happens, you're covered.

Fastener Benefits

Although hex head bolts are very durable and versatile, they aren't intended for every type of project and work environment. You must look into the benefits of hex head bolts and then compare them with your particular project.

These bolts have amazingly high tensile strength due to their stable base and also are easy to use in tight spaces where you may not be able to reach both sides of the bolt.

If your project will need these sorts of attributes, then proceeding with hex head bolts is a great idea. You'll get the most out of these bolts throughout the duration of your project.

The fastener varieties are pretty limitless for work projects today. Hex head bolts are some of the more important for the construction and industrial sectors. As long as you're aware of what these bolts can do and take proactive steps of getting this investment right, you'll avoid issues.