There are a lot of ways to earn money for a new development, structure, or event. If you are looking to create a custom pathway, wall, or bench and you want to sell the square pieces as a fundraiser, talk with a metal stamping company.

The metal stamping company can help you come up with the custom pieces for the sponsors for your fundraising. Here are some of the things to consider in the process and while making the plans.

Decide on a Structure

You first need to decide on a structure. If you want to do a pathway, a wall or some type of statue, there are different layouts the metal stamping company should be able to show you. The more pieces in the structure, the more opportunities you have to make money for your fundraising event.

Metal is a durable, long-lasting product that is worth the investment when it comes to picking a material you want to put on display outside, and that you want to last for decades into the future. The metal stamping company can let you know what metals work the best for what situation.

Get Metal Stamping Quotes

You will want to look at quotes from more than one metal stamping company. The quotes should include the following:

  • Costs for different metals
  • Lettering and font options
  • Amount of writing and cost per word
  • Installation requirements and cost

Once you find out what the breakdown cost is and you compare multiple quotes, you can find out how much to charge per square.

Get a Mock View of the Display

People will want to be able to visualize what they are investing in and what their donation will look like. Have an artist, a graphic designer, or another professional create a high-quality image to portray what the finished product will look like. This is what you will put on the flyer. Make sure that you include the price differences and expenses.

A custom metal stamped pathway, a wall for decoration, or a statue is a great way to raise money. If you are looking to create some type of structure, talk with the metal stamping company to find out what you can afford, what the best investment will be, and how you can raise the most money with this type of fundraiser. There are many layout options and types of structures and displays that you can try.

To learn more, contact a metal stamping manufacturer.