If you are looking to have a seawall repaired because the current wall is bend or shifting because of weathering conditions, this is a project that is best left for the professionals. You want to be sure that you have the right contractor working on the project, and that you are ready to invest the time and money to fix the wall correctly. The cost can be effected if you have a metal or concrete wall currently, and you want to get estimates for the following.

Replace Backfill

You want to replace all of the backfill that is behind the seawall to help keep it in place. This means adding stone, gravel, or even possibly sand or cemented dirt behind the sea wall to prevent corrosion when the water splashes over the all and other problems. Talk with the professionals to see what the cost is for each backfill option, and what is the best for your area.

Repair a Metal Seawall

The seawall has to be repaired by the professionals, since this is a piece that is welded often of iron or another metal and fits together with other metal hardware and components. If you would like to change the shape of the wall or the layout of your property, you may need to have custom welding done.

The experts will have to come survey your land, the amount of deterioration that has occurred, the movement of any seawall that connects with yours, and then they will quote the project.

Pouring a Concrete Seawall

If the current seawall is made of concrete and has cracks and other flaws, you may need to have the concrete broken and then removed so the wall can be poured again. Talk with the seawall repair contractors to see if the current concrete can be repaired, or if it all needs to be redone because it's been so damaged by water and other weathering conditions over the years.

You may want to opt for a combination seawall that has metal and concrete to help keep the water back, and to make sure that you are investing in a repair that is going to last for decades. Get the contractors to your property so they can examine what needs to be done to keep the water out, and so they can start the work creating the new design and repairing the current wall that is problematic and having problems.